Megan Summers

First Impressions

The only word that comes to mind is wow. There’s a big picture on the first page of the tour to Megan-Summers that show Megan completely nude with her hand over her snatch. The words member’s only are hiding her nipples, but it’s clear that this hot blonde has a body that only comes along once in a blue moon. She’s perfect as far as I can tell, and it seems like she knows it and isn’t afraid to show it off. The wealth of hot lingerie pictures that grace her free tour are enough to have me raring to go.

Hot Promises

They make it very clear that Megan is 100% all natural, although when you see her breasts you’ll certainly have the same skepticism that I do. How could such perky globes of flesh be all natural? If only we could all conduct a live feel test as a part of our membership. Megan is 19 years old and gets topless on her site in every picture gallery. You’ll never see her pussy, but that’s not what you’re going to want to look at anyway. She adds four new picture sets and video clips every month as well as two high definition videos, weekly journal entries, live webcam shows, wallpapers, and more bonus content.


The member’s main page is busy with lists of the latest updates, a huge list of upcoming webcam shows, links to forums, and all kinds of advertisements. You can also read Megan’s latest journal entry, which is a long ramble about her life and her weekend adventures. Thankfully you can skip all that and head right to the pictures using the text nav bar at the top of the page.

Megan has nearly 90 picture galleries in her member’s area and that number grows each month. She still updates with precise regularity and even provides previews from her next updates so you don’t get worried. The galleries are organized ten to a page and come with a small preview image and a description of what she’s doing in the clip. It’s a minor quibble, but many of the preview images do a poor job of showing you what kind of outfit Megan is wearing in the gallery. Instead they go close up on her ass or tits, which isn’t what a preview image is for.

Still, almost every gallery at Megan-Summers is worth viewing so you shouldn’t be too concerned about skipping any of them. For most galleries added since September 2006 you can also download a video of the shoot. These are counted separately from the videos section, which is something all sites should take note off. Too often a girl films her photo shoots and tries to pass them off as original content. I’m not a fan of watching video taped photo shoots, but when they’re kept separate here I view it as a nice content addition that adds more value to the membership.

Megan is absolutely oozing sex appeal and she knows it. Her picture galleries eschew any pretensions of playing up her young age; instead you’ll see her posing in super hot lingerie and super tight and slutty clothes. She can even make a wife beater look like the sexiest thing you’ve ever seen on a babe. All she has to do is forgo a bra and make sure her nipples are hard.

I like almost every gallery listed here, but my favorites feature Megan in lingerie. The first is a knit mesh top that obscures her breasts but doesn’t hide them fully. I like that the imagination has to do a little bit of work to see everything but you can still catch a glimpse of her nipples if you look close enough. I also like that she takes the top off eventually and her perfect body is on display. In the other Megan is wearing a red satin chemise with black lace around the bust line. It’s the perfect way to highlight her perfect body and I recommend you look up that gallery first if you join.

Aside from the videos that go with her picture galleries Megan has 48 scenes for you to download. Each is tailor made for her members and features sexy posing, a little bit of dancing, and every day things like watching her take a bath. The two most recent videos area available in HD and the difference is staggering. However, that doesn’t mean the old videos run like crap; it’s just the opposite in fact. These are some of the best videos you’ll find on a teen babe site in that they run at 640x480 for some and 720x400 for others. That’s pretty large and they’ll look great if you run them full screen.

The videos are organized in the same way as the picture galleries with a small screencap preview and a description of the action. The screencaps do a better job of previewing the scene than in the picture galleries, and the description provides everything you’ll need to know. The regular resolution videos run 3-6 minutes long and are 30-60mb. The high definition scenes are all close to 200mb and they run a little longer as well.

I like almost every video on the site, but once again my favorites are the ones in which Megan poses in lingerie. There’s a camisole and panty set that’s made from a sheer black material with blue satin trim that I really like, especially since Megan does a fairly sexy dance while stripping from it. I also like the super short hot pink dress she poses in for the way it hides the top half of her ass but lets you see the bottom half. The naughty schoolgirl video is worth downloading too. There are just so many!

Megan regularly schedules webcam shows for her fans and the time is always listed on her site. The shows always start on time and all you need to watch them is Internet Explorer and Java, so make sure you have both before sitting down to enjoy her performance. You can chat with Megan in the beginning of each show, but she spends most of the time shaking her junk in front of the camera and stripping. By the end you’ll have seen more of her tits than you could have ever hoped for. As a member you can also watch all the other shows in the Phil Flash cam network, which amounts to at least one a day and sometimes two.

Megan has also uploaded huge amounts of images from her past shows. If you flip through them fast enough it’s actually like watching a show considering there are usually more than 3,000 per file. It will take a while to download them, but they’re worth it because she wears lingerie you’ve never seen before in some of these shows and her tits are always worth ogling. The bonus page in the member’s area offers three video clips and one picture gallery. They all star Megan so it’s unclear as to why they’re considered bonus content. One video does feature Megan’s nipples being licked though, so you’ll probably want to download that one. The guests pages offers ten galleries from other babes around the web. Most galleries are pretty large so there are another 1,000 pictures or so here. Finally you can read the more than 60 journal entries Megan has logged since her site went live. Some are exceptionally long and they provide a good opportunity for you to get to know Megan a little better. I recommend them for anyone looking to get a little closer.

Croco’s Opinion

I can’t stress enough how hot Megan Summers is and how much I think you should join her site. She’s the finest blonde babe I’ve ever seen and she has the hottest body you’ll ever see. There are so few beauties like this babe on the planet that it would be a shame to pass up a chance to check her out whenever you like. Plus, you get access to all the webcam shows you can handle. Take one look at her tour and tell me you don’t want to see more of this beautiful babe.


The site is well laid out and easy to navigate. The member’s main page is a little busy with distracting advertisements, but that’s not where the content lies so it’s unimportant. What’s important is that browsing the picture galleries and downloading the videos is easy.

Pricing Policy

A basic 30 day membership costs $29.95 and will rebill at $24.95 a month.

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